Unplug 2 Awesome


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Well, we certainly do not have the answer for that but we do know that this is what you’ve been waiting for.

It’s our 2nd year as the ONLY free digital magazine in the country and we are celebrating like the fckn party monsters that we are and YOU are our most honoured guest.

Come get drunk on 03 MARCH at The Quarry Beer Garden alongside your local music heroes WilaBaliWPedicabLOSTTHREADSTalataELEYNManila Under FireSAVE THE FALL, and Gin Rum N’Truth. Get a chance to give them a nice warm hug when you’re all out plastered. Don’t worry, they’re cool.

But that’s not enough, we’re also giving away Unplug sling bags filled with stuff of dreams like shirts, stickers, and your very own fairy godmother. This is for our first 50 paying guests only so better get your asses at the venue as fast as you can!

Sounds epic? It’s because it is. See you on MARCH 3!

In case you haven’t heard of our awesome magazine, you can download our latest issue here for FREE.


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